Vietnam war casualties by date

Battle of Saigon Dates:

Vietnam war casualties by date

They claim the U.

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On August 30,President Barack Obama proclaimed to a gathering of veterans: Internet research turns up these lost battles of the Vietnam war: Battle of Ap Bac - In JanuaryAmerican advisors launched a battle after they pressured reluctant South Vietnamese officers to use American air mobility assets to destroy the Viet Cong.

The attack was a disaster in which the VC mauled a far larger force while shooting down five American helicopters pictured and damaging eight, while killing three Americans and wounding eight.

On May 2,it was moored in a heavily defended harbor in the Saigon River. Two VC commandos crawled down a sewer pipe and attached explosives to the ship. The explosion knocked a huge hole in the hull and killed five American crewmen, causing the ship to sink 45 feet to the river bed. The attack began shortly after midnight and lasted 20 minutes.

It was estimated that there were three 81mm mortars.

Vietnam war casualties by date

The attack was devastating as 27 aircraft were hit, including 20 Bs 5 destroyed4 helicopters, and 3 A-1H Skyraiders. A fourth Skyraider crashed trying to take off.

Vietnam war casualties by date

Five Americans and two Vietnamese were killed, and 43 wounded. On February 10,Vietcong sappers killed its two guards, placed two large satchel charges, and blew up the hotel, killing 23 Americans and seriously Vietnam war casualties by date another Attack on Camp Holloway - Inthe U.

Army established an airfield near Pleiku in central South Vietnam, which grew to include logistics elements and a large advisory group. In earlysome Viet Cong slipped past ARVN guards and swept through the camp killing 8 Americans, woundingdestroying 10 aircraft and damaging 15 more. The Viet Cong withdrew to avoid battling reinforcements, with few losses.

Several buildings were destroyed, but two FD and three FD fighter aircraft were shot down by ground fire. Thousands of bombs were dropped and eleven American aircraft shot down with several more damaged beyond repair until the iron bridge finally fell in The base was overrun with hundreds of casualties while two dozen Americans died in combat and helicopter crashes, with even more wounded or missing.

They destroyed three large C transport aircraft, three F fighters, and damaged three more Fs. The sappers escaped leaving behind one dead. Six Fs were lost to ground fire during the mission while later bomb damage assessment photos showed that neither site had missile systems installed.

Five aircraft and three pilots were lost to enemy guns, and seven other planes were damaged, but no SAMs were discovered. Death of Supply Column 21 - Operation Starlite was the first major Marine Corps operation in Vietnam, and fighting was tougher than expected. A ship landed an armored supply column to support combat forces, which became lost and was attacked in a rice paddy on Aug 18, Five of the seven armored vehicles were destroyed including two tanks during a day long firefight.

Five of the 27 Marines were killed and 17 wounded as they held off the enemy until daybreak. The plan was to fly an entire battalion into an area where a strong enemy presence was suspected. The intelligence proved accurate as the first company landed next to a large NVA unit and was pinned down.

As the second wave attempted to land, several helicopters were shot down and the rest fled without dropping troops after all suffered damage. Helicopters were borrowed from other units and troops eventually landed further away and rushed to save the surrounded company that was nearly overrun.

While the NVA eventually fled, this poorly planned battle cost 22 American lives. On Nov 14,soldiers from the 1st battalion of the 7th Cavalry landed at LZ X-ray and found itself surrounded with little ammunition and no heavy firepower.

It was nearly overrun while suffering 79 killed and wounded, and survived only by diverting all available air support in Vietnam. The 7th Cavalry left the area after declaring victory, while survivors pondered the wisdom of an attrition strategy using American foot infantry. After saving its 1st battalion, the exhausted 2nd battalion headed for LZ Albany for an aerial extraction.

It was in a long column in open terrain when it ran into a concealed NVA battalion, which attacked and shot it to pieces during a bloody battle that claimed the lives of Americans, with wounded.

An intense firefight erupted resulting in 43 Americans killed and wounded as some soldiers fell back leaving dead and wounded behind.

Statistics about the Vietnam War

Attack on Marble Mountain - Some 90 Viet Cong sappers infiltrated this huge Marine Corps airfield and destroyed 19 helicopters and damaged 35 11 of them severely. After this minute rampage, the Viet Cong withdrew, leaving behind 17 dead and 4 wounded.

American casualties were 3 killed and 91 wounded. Operation Utah - On March 4,the 2nd battalion of the 7th Marines helicoptered into an area near Quang Ngai to investigate reports of an NVA regiment in the area.The National Archives and Records Administration prepared these state level casualty lists by creating extracts from the Korean War Extract Data File and the Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File, both as of April 29, , of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Files, part of Record Group Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. The Wall USA is a non-profit endeavor maintained by veterans of the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment for the benefit of all.

USS Hancock Air Groups Casualties and MIAs (Vietnam Era Only). Find out more about the history of Vietnam War Protests, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on Lt. Lane died from shrapnel wounds when the th Evac.

at Chu Lai was hit by rockets on June 8, From Canton, OH, she was a month short of her 26th birthday. Vietnam War Myths I have put together a compendium of the most virulent myths to come out of the Vietnam War. Some of these myths, because they have been repeated so many times, and have been showcased in some deplorable books and movies about the war, have taken on the status of "fact" in the minds of an alarming number of people.

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