The three-inch golden lotus by feng jicai essay

The intent of this process was to bring forth a bantam pess.

The three-inch golden lotus by feng jicai essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The purpose of this procedure was to produce a tiny feet, the golden lotus which was three inches long and was thought to be sexually alluring.

The genesis of this practice is ambiguous, however brief texts have revealed its beginning as early as the Han Dynasty B. The first documents referring to foot binding is from the court Southern Tang dynasty in Nanjing A.

Dancing girls entertaining the court were famous for their tiny feet and beautiful bow shows.

The three-inch golden lotus by feng jicai essay

His commentaries on the Confucian classics would form the canon of Neo-Confucianism which will dominate Chinese intellectual and philosophical life for six hundred years up to the twentienth Century.

The famed scholar and writer Lin Yutang, Zhu Xi was a passionate advocator who introduced foot binding in Southern Fuji in order to spread Chinese culture and the proper relations between men and woman.

Chinese writer in the twelve and Thirteenth Centuries mention the practice as normal. To write a novel about foot binding requires, a certain bravery for any author.

This issue is so linked to what the Chinese think as sexually appealing that it makes it uncomfortable to discuss it seriously. To others it suggests the embarrassing barbaric, backward practices of Chinese culture.

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Women look at foot binding as unsettling because it reveals mothers crippling their daughters so that they can meet some ideal image of what a man prefers. The Three-inch Golden Lotus incites, upsets, and horrifies every reader who fall into at least one or more of these categories.

The setting of the story is the forty-year period from to following the cultural revolution, which was from tois not readily clear. Feng links the cultural Revolution to the more extended process of revolutionary transformation that spans the entire twentieth Century in China.

THE THREE-INCH GOLDEN LOTUS by Feng Jicai | Kirkus Reviews

The author calls the process into question. Many innocent people, including fragrant Lotus and her family are forced into vortex of change, and which make. Feng implies, by asking a question which underlie much of his writing. Why did the Chinese in large numbers act this way? Feng often encourages Chinese Writers to dig deep into the souls of the Chinese people, for is clear to Feng, the cause of the Cultural Revolution does not lie with the misguided youth, or power hungry leadership however it lies with the values the Chinese people hold deep.

Feng questions why we do such terrible things to ourselves? Why does our misery last so long?In the tradition of Swift, contemporary Chinese writer Feng Jicai (Chrysanthemums, ) critiques Chinese society by focusing on the grotesque as he tells the story of one family's obsession with bound feet--the perfect ``three-inch golden lotuses'' of tradition.

Jicai Feng.

Feng Jicai (Author of The Three-Inch Golden Lotus)

The Three-Inch Golden Lotus. Translated by David Wakefield. Honolulu: University ofHawai'i Press, pp. Hardcover $28, Paperback $ Feng Jicai's Sancun Jinlian may now be read in English thanks to a translation by David Wakefield. To my knowledge, The Three-Inch Golden Lotus is.

THE THREE-INCH GOLDEN LOTUS User Review - Kirkus. In the tradition of Swift, contemporary Chinese writer Feng Jicai (Chrysanthemums, ) critiques Chinese society by focusing on the grotesque as he tells the story of one family's obsession with 4/5(1). Feng Jicai's novel, The Three Inch Golden Lotus, describes a peasant woman's rise to greatness and her subsequent fall into obscurity.

The very same quality with which she entered the upper class and thrust herself to fame and fortune ultimately served to hasten her demise, the golden lotus had finally tarnished. The Three-inch Golden Lotus is a piece of Chinese Literature written by Feng Jicai controversial for its word picture of the barbarous pattern of Asian adult female adhering their pess.

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