The art of neosoul essay

Vietnam is not thought of as a country or a people, but as a war. This course will analyze the American War in Vietnam, but we will be investigating much more as well.

The art of neosoul essay

I did a close reading of Andre's "Hey Ya" and broke it down. I have my share of awful writing, but also some stuff I still like. As long as we're all doing end-of-the-decade lists and stuff, figured I'd share some of my conspiracy-theorist rantings concerning why this song is the most insanely brilliant track of the '00s: Inserting potentially subversive comments into popular forms of art is a way to reach the masses and avoid the troubles that go along with actively, conspicuously supporting or commenting on controversial material.

Listen closely to the song. The song is taking shots at the music industry, at the artists, and perhaps most of all at the fans. The evidence is mostly in the lyrics, lyrics that to the casual listener deal with the slow death of a romantic relationship.

The art of neosoul essay

Most of the words are just catchy phrases that can be repeated—incidentally, the absolute most important thing for the modern pop song. The chorus, perhaps the most obvious example, is just a nonsense phrase repeated eight times.

Here, I think that Andre is commenting on the lack of content in most pop music hooks: Everyone sings along during that part of the track.

A Polaroid picture is a copy. Related to this are the lines: In a market driven by singles rather than albums, music becomes a quickie rather than a romance. Most pop albums, rushed to release in order to maximize profit, contain one or two sure-fire singles and ten tracks of filler.

Now those two things are fine and there is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying them, but without some substance, without some meaning, even the catchiest pop record is just a product— a vacuum cleaner or a used car. On top of all this, the sonic qualities of the song hint to a deeper meaning as well.

The edges of his voice are much sharper and harder than a simple love song warrants.

Art became her refuge and aided in her internal transformation: “When I read the book about Black women, I felt the spirits of those sisters feeding me, making me stronger. Black women have been struggling and helping each other to survive the blows of life si nce the beginning of time” (Shakur 16). Beat Streets in the Global Hood: Connective Marginalities of the Hip Hop Globe Halifu Osumare Public Enemy showed us that Rap music is not afraid of part of this technology-mediated global youth subjects connected with national and race issues. Amy Winehouse and the (Black) Art of Appropriation Amy Winehouse and the (Black) Art of Appropriation Just about the only thing Amy Winehouse hasn't repackaged from the black music archives is the one thing she could use: a lesson in Motown etiquette.

Finally, the video contains a number of clues, the most intriguing being the big green casket in the center of the stage. In an interview, the director said that the casket was actually there for some other idea that they had originally had for the video, but after changing ideas they had simply decided to keep it in.

A casket is not just some random prop—it has very specific connotations.

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Perhaps Andre is commenting on the death of innovative music. All I am saying, however, is that it can be a great pop song and much, much more simultaneously, and that we should be paying closer attention to our music, or at the very least believing that an artist can be capable of creating something beyond a catchy sugar buzz.

I still believe a lot of it, and "Hey Ya" is still one of my favorite songs. Maybe it's crazy to dig that deep into the lyrics of a pop song, but I wish we lived in a world where all music is actively listened to.

Who knows what we're missing.

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And this is my pick for "song of the decade" because of my two great loves: Maybe my analysis is off-base, but I'll give Andre the benefit of the doubt.Considering neo soul in terms of art, I believe that this music is an expression of modern mainstream African American culture, experience, belief, and surely, the root of this ethnicity.

Different and more artistically expressed than soul music it brings great aesthetic value to the music scene. The scholarship funding will be given to qualified youth to allow them to participate in youth basketball, summer camps, after school programs, music and art programs and variety of other program offerings available, thus keeping them engaged in positive youth activities (contact: Elaney Hasselmann, .

Maureen got lost today, so it's just Daniel in the studio with local musician Cole DeGenova to talk about his recent music video for "We Broke," gearing up for his next album, making art that is both ideologically expressive and accessible, and kitchen floodings Topics: we broke, neosoul, chicago.

Amy Winehouse and the (Black) Art of Appropriation Amy Winehouse and the (Black) Art of Appropriation Just about the only thing Amy Winehouse hasn't repackaged from the black music archives is the one thing she could use: a lesson in Motown etiquette. Gabrielle Linzy went to bed worrying about pre-calculus.

Report cards came out at the end of the week, and Linzy, a senior at Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School in Arkansas, dreaded math. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin

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