Reaction paper of beowulf movie

This is a work of uncertain date, celebrating the Battle of Maldon ofat which the Anglo-Saxons failed to prevent a Viking invasion.

Reaction paper of beowulf movie

Reaction papers are used to ensure that students understand the material and see how it fits within the context of the course in which it was shown.

Reaction paper of beowulf movie

Instead, focus on the movie as literature, or how it fits into the context of what you are learning. Treat the film as literature in an English class. Write about how the themes and motifs come across in the course of the movie. Write about characterization and dialogue, especially if you are watching a film version of a novel.

Compare the novel to the film in terms of story and style, and how the portrayal of characters met your expectations or surprised you. Give your opinion of how the form impacted the story -- does the story work better as a book or a movie?

Reaction paper of beowulf movie

How are the two different? Select the appropriate focus for your paper. Writing about a film in a history class could entail identifying where the film is historically accurate and where it takes artistic license.

If you felt more connected to the characters than you would if you had read about them in a textbook, explain why. Talk about how the characters are portrayed and who is the most sympathetic.

Did this meet your expectations, based on your knowledge of history, or did it surprise you? Talk about how the historical period is portrayed.

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Include elements of the film that tipped you off as to the period in which is was made. Determine what elements to include. Write in a film class about how you think the production elements worked to tell the story.

How could it have been better or worse? Differentiate between the screen writing, the cinematography and the acting. Were all of these elements working in harmony? What about the film was predictable or surprising? Review your essay after it is completed to be sure you have included enough detail to explain your thinking and your language is clear.

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Polar Opposites. Murder rates have actually been trending down a bit in the US.. But you are still around fifty times more likely to be murdered in several dozen US cities than in any city in Europe, where the average is down around 1 in , now..

And with regard to the exceptionally safe Italy, as usual the rate remains even lower than the European average still. - There are many similarities and differences between the movie "Beowulf and Grendel", to the poem.

Major differences between the movie and the poem would be Grendel himself. In the poem, he is described as an evil monster born from two demons.

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In the movie, Grendel is actually human, but known as a troll to the warriors and Danes. Aug 26,  · The movie is really horrible especially the scenario when Beowulf and Grendel fought each other. They are both naked because Beowulf wants to have a fair battle.

But for me, it is still not fair since Grendel is a giant monster and Beowulf is just only small but vigorous Resolved. Dragon was again terrorizing his land, which the movie suggest that is the son of Beowulf with Documents Similar To Beau Wolf reaction paper.

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