Napster information superhighway robbery

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Napster information superhighway robbery

This ight is about attempts to prioritize some packets over others. No, this fight is about the freedom of people who own property to do what they want with it, and the freedom of people to contract with each other as they wish.

So be against net neutrality if you are for the creation of an internet oligopoly You understand, of course, that utilities which is what Obama wants to turn ISPs into are state-sanctioned and enforced oligopolies, yes? They are selling bandwidth to their own network and in turn access to other networks through the Internet.

If you don't even understand how this works, you are not fit to comment on the matter. Prioritization is inherent to the effective functioning of the Internet.

The physical hardware alone is not capable of handling the transfer of every bit of information from every host on the Internet to every other host. There is inherent scarcity which people seem obtusely unable to recognize.

This scarcity can only be fairly resolved using prioritization and other high-level management techniques. But setting that aside, the issue between Netflix and Comcast was that there existed only so much bandwidth between the two. If every one of Comcast's customers is streaming from Netflix and the bandwidth between Netflix and Comcast was not enough, then every person is going to have a degraded experience.

In the end, Netflix paid Comcast to get better access to the latter's customers.

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Presently, that reflects the market power of the two. If that market power is unfairly distorted by local monopolies, then address the actual problem. All of the Netflix customers are hogging bandwidth with their streaming video. Netflix doesn't want to have to pay Comcast for that bandwidth.

Net Neutrality advocates think that Comcast should just build up it's network capacity to handle the extra traffic. If you don't have a Netflix subscription, you're going to pay more so that ComCast can provide additional bandwidth to handle all of the Netflix traffic.

So you're effectively subsidizing the Netflix customers. What Comcast wants to do is charge Netflix, which will be passed on to Netflix subscribers.

In one sense, this fight is over flat monthly rate vs. I have purchased that 30MB service to meet my needs, including the couple of hours a day Netflix is used.

I get nothing at the expense of fellow customers who do not use that much bandwidth, they need only purchase the bandwidth they require to meet their needs. Comcast is a monopoly, or nearly one, in most of the places they do business, not due to the Feds, but because local communities give them exclusive, or semi-exclusive rights in exchange for local franchise fees.

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Since Comcast is also in the digital streaming business, they would like to make their competitors pay for the infastructure that both use, giveng Comcast lower business costs.

In effect, Comcast want to charge Netflix customers twice, once via Netflix, and again via bandwidth charges to put competitor Netflix at a competitive disadvantage.

Once again, government is the problem, only it is local regulators rather than federal regulators causing the problem. You will note that it is not permitted for my neighbors and I to put a high bandwidth dish in and run cable between our homes to share that bandwidth.

And that is where the solution to these problems actually lies. Read your providers website. The speed at which Netflix traffic arrives depends on the level of traffic not only over Comcast's network, but also over every other network between you and wherever Netflix is hosting the content.

Napster information superhighway robbery

The more people who are streaming Netflix at once, the more congestion there is for everyone on multiple networks across the internet. We don't have to provide any level of connectivity based on our agreement, and if you don't like it you can suck our dick. If there's any service that competes with media subscription services over our wires, we're going to throttle your connection and make you sign a NDA about how much you're going to pay us to not throttle your connection.

Our guy Wheeler, appointed by the legendary Obama, almost had codified that as how we get to offer out "premium" services, but you damn kids kept whining.

We just want to remind Obama that our stream of funding to him and his cronies are not going to get funding from our racket if they pay anything more than lip service to the opposition. Just remember, you're replaceable, and we've already bought most of the local governments.

Comcast provides a connection from your home to the Internet. Netflix provides hosting for content available to the Internet. They address different aspects of the process of providing content to your home. It is entirely possible that without local franchise agreements, Netflix could start up its own ISP and compete with Comcast.

But that would almost certainly force them to increase their prices. From another perspective, Comcast is delivering to you what's advertised. The problem is that the link between Comcast and Netflix is or rather was insufficient for the demand Comcast's customers were making.

That link had to be upgraded to improve the situation, and Comcast had the greater market power here.CALABASAS, Calif. — A cyclist fatally struck by a sheriff's patrol car Sunday was the former chief operating officer of Napster and a music industry veteran.

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Napster information superhighway robbery

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