Memory and biology

Resources and Contact Regulation of fate determination of memory T cells by microRNAs Memory T cells play an important role in protection against cancer and pathogens.

Memory and biology

The work reveals the largely species-specific gene-regulatory networks that impact all of human biology, in both health and disease. March 8, These fingerprint patterns may now enable doctors to identify which tumours have been caused by radiation, and investigate if they should be treated differently.

Memory and biology

September 12, Their Memory and biology, published online in the journal Stem Cell Translational Medicine, will help scientists understand how these progenitor cells become renal cells in the developing fetus, and possibly offer a future way to foster renal regeneration after chronic kidney failure or acute injury.

The large study on the genetic makeup of giraffe, published today in Current Biology, shows that there are four distinct giraffe species. Until now, only one giraffe species had been recognized. The unexpected results are based on analyses using several nuclear marker genes of more than animals.

The new insights are set to improve protection efforts of these endangered animals in Africa. September 8, Two antibodies developed with this strategy blocked the invasion of human cells by all five ebolaviruses, and one of them protected mice exposed to lethal doses of Ebola Zaire and Sudan, the two most dangerous.

This same circuit is also a key component of the reward system, an archipelago of interconnected brain clusters crucial to promoting behavior necessary for animals, including humans, to survive and reproduce.

September 5, Researchers analyzing the genomes of microorganisms living in shale oil and gas wells have found evidence of sustainable ecosystems taking hold there--populated in part by a never-before-seen genus of bacteria they have dubbed "Frackibacter. Accelerating tomato engineering A researcher transfers tomato plantlets from a plate of regeneration medium.

Tomatoes are already an ideal model species for plant research, but scientists at the Boyce Thompson Institute BTI just made them even more useful by cutting the time required to modify their genes by six weeks.

August 30, Scientists today announced the discovery of a new species of pterosaur from the Patagonia region of South America. The cranial remains were in an excellent state of preservation and belonged to a new species of pterosaur from the Early Jurassic.

The researchers have named this new species 'Allkauren koi' from the native Tehuelche word 'all' for 'brain', and 'karuen' for 'ancient'.

According to a new study published in Cancer early online Aug. August 29, In a new study, University of Miami UM scientists found high concentrations of toxins linked to neurodegenerative diseases in the fins and muscles of 10 species of sharks.

The research team suggests that restricting consumption of sharks can have positive health benefits for consumers and for shark conservation, since several of the sharks analyzed in the study are threatened with extinction due to overfishing.

A research team including developmental biologist Stephen A.Show transcribed image text Explain what Richard Lewontin meant when he wrote "There is no race memory" in biology, only in books. Explain what Richard Lewontin meant when he wrote "There is no race memory" in biology, only in books.

Looking at the rules in the meta, it seems book-recs are a little on the iffy side for on-topic so I hope this is okay. I am looking for a (graduate-level) textbook that has a thorough treatment of the molecular basis of learning and memory. What is the role of memory T-cells in the immune system?

Adaptive immunity is said to have memory because the immune system learns. In this way we gain life . Memory, memory, memory,. Our best friend and our worst enemy. We want better memory to remember every happy seconds of our existence and to ace tests, but we also wish we could forget the times we made fools out of ourselves, we want to forget our failures, and so .

Memory consolidation is the process by which conscious thoughts are turned from short-term to long-term memories.

This involves strengthening of synapses between neurons in the brain. Download Minds-On Activities for Teaching Biology.

Memory and biology

2 days 14 hours ago. Homeostasis, Negative Feedback, and Positive Feedback. 2 days 19 hours ago. Biology Plant Biology Plant Memory Plants Can Make Memories If reliably remembering where you put the car keys or what you came to the fridge for isn’t your strongest suit, spare a thought for plants; they can never remember anything at all.

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