Master thesis canibus lyrics hip

Change your style cause its time Nigga's want me to rhyme pre No-one can flow with Bis, Most people notice But others just won't admit, They can't get over it Rhymes I been known to spit, Mic's I been known to grip Makes me the Ultimate, God father over this I'm just a ghost of rip A soldier in this show business don't exist if he has no defence My opponents are so intent, not to show respect They fret cause I'm a global threat I'm so hard to catch, a cold with Cale I relocate so quick they can't close the net I expose the press, dispose of the prints On the loose again nobody knows what's next My virus infects Every machine with clandestine speech Nigga Get Off Ya Knees! Hook Hip-Hop's habitat, Rip the Jacker's back This is battle rap, def while I master tracks I mix ant with thrax in your digestive track I suggest its wack then I side-step to the back I kidnap your X, For 10 million franks Make you shit your pants, you smell like septic tanks Just respect it man throw a fist in the air The distance is Near, Armageddon is here I permeate UN-worldly planes as they crash in the worlds that trades only my words remain Altruist Egoist - people are ignorant what is the meaning of meaningless meaningfulness?

Master thesis canibus lyrics hip

It must of been, who was it then Rip The Jacker, hot but cold blooded many utter the name but very few love him 33 is the number that enlightens the Brothers insight to the fullest, that could brighten the dullest The ramifications are awesome, what should we call it?

Transition if you go dry Close your eyes, ritualize, spit your rhymes without trying you can shift your mind Canibus altered the sequence nucleotides Neuropetides only get high off mature Wine Start timing, Atomic Clock keeps time perfectly, 20 Mrs.

Guutoff my band teacher always would work me Polyester pants, big fat ass I loved that woman so much, I paid attention in class My Spanish teacher Mrs Booker had an ass too Why am I talking about this to you? Or are you in the mood for doom? How many kills you got? What about our family members back home crying?

Then how do you know?

master thesis canibus lyrics hip

When you finally get there, where will you go? Signals bounce back and forth like a mirror with flawless error, like that forever Surface the air radar tells me where they are, are they far?

Run you off the road smiling RoadRage, Start dialling, The snake will grow feet and stampede you to your defeat You are weak, you lied to us all in your speech Symbiotic indeed, the host bleeds parasites attach to feed fulfilling antiquated needs Rock climbed the slope shaped like a stop sign In record clock time, Hot Lava lock rhymes rock slide topside How does one ever really perfect such a craft?

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Master Thesis [Explicit] by Canibus.

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Master Thesis [Explicit] Any of you that know anything about canibus will know that he is all about the lyrics. Most joints on this album are jus straight rhyming, even no hooks, jus straight fire from start to finish/5.

Dec 11,  · I'm Sorry but I Really Dont Remeber That Much About This Song Other Then it Was A Hip Hop (R&B) Song. It Was Hot A Few Years Back.

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It Was A Guy Singing It. He Counted (Something Like Lyrics, Lyrics Then he Counted Backwards Lyrics Lyrics.) He Only Counted In The Chorus Part Of The Song.

Any SuggestionsStatus: Resolved. Letra de Get Off Ya Knees — Canibus: (Hook), Get Off Ya Knees!, Change your style cause its time, Nigga's want me to rhyme pre, No-one can flow with Bis, . Nov 01,  · Canibus - Greatest Scientific Rapper.

master thesis canibus lyrics hip

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Arcane, Oct 11, Is he composing a song or writing a thesis? Okay, I must admit its a good thing to know at least some rappers also know about Greek and Roman history but what context is he putting it in?

As far as hip hop goes, he is the master. Canibus The Grand Deception Lyrics Send “The Grand Deception” Ringtone to your Cell Approximately 50 years ago under the direction of President Harry Truman in the interest of national security a group of 12 top military scientific personel were established.

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