Lean on me movie

How is this possible?

Lean on me movie

The majority of students cannot pass basic skills testing, and even the teachers are not safe from gang violence. He consults with school superintendent Dr.

Lean on me movie

Reluctantly, the mayor hires Clark. Clark's immediate radical changes include expelling students identified as drug dealers or abusers and troublemakers, instituting programs to improve school spirit including painting over graffiti-covered walls, and requiring students to learn the school Lean on me movie, and be punished if they cannot sing it on demand.

When one of the expelled students is found beating up another student, Clark orders the doors of the school chained shut during school hours since alarmed security doors cannot be purchased.

Some parents react strongly to these measures, including Leonna Barrett Lynne Thigpenmother of one of the expelled students, who presses the mayor to oust Clark.

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Clark's radicalism causes him to come into conflict with members of the faculty, particularly English teacher Mr.

Darnell, whom Clark suspends for picking up a piece of trash during a recital of the school song, and choir teacher Mrs.

Elliot, whom Clark fires for being insubordinate after he cancels a pre-planned choral event, the school's upcoming annual Lincoln Center concert. Napier sets Clark straight over these incidents and lectures him to start being a team player. Darnell, though he is too late to re-hire Mrs.

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His actions begin to have a positive effect on his students. Thomas Sams, a student expelled for crack use, pleads to be allowed to return to school and gradually reforms.

Clark also reunites one of his old elementary students, Kaneesha Carter, with her estranged mother. Unfortunately, a practice basic skills test fails to garner enough passing students.

Clark confronts his staff for their failure to educate their students and to prepare them for the world. He institutes a tutorial program to strengthen academic skills and encourages remedial reading courses on Saturdays which parents may attend alongside their children. When the minimum basic skills test is finally assessed, the students are much better prepared and filled with a sense of self-worth.

Lean on me movie

Before the results can arrive, the fire chief raids the school and discovers the chained doors. Clark is arrested for violating fire safety codes. That evening, the students gather at the meeting of the Paterson Board of Educationwhere school board member Leona Barrett, is leading for Clark's removal.

The students demand that Clark be released from jail and retained as principal. The mayor has Clark released from jail and talk to the students to go home.

Clark calls for his students to return to their homes. He is interrupted by assistant principal Ms. He announces the results over his megaphone.

As a result, the school's current administration remains intact, and Clark is allowed to keep his job as principal of Eastside High. The students break into their school song in celebration.

The film ends with the senior students graduating high school and Clark handing them their diplomas.Because movie is so affecting and believable in its depiction of Charley's desperate need for love and his powerful will to survive, it speaks profoundly of those needs and drives in us all.

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Lean On Me IMDb min The dedicated but tyrannical Joe Clark is appointed the principal of a decaying inner-city school and he is determined to improve by any and all means. Mar 03,  · But "Lean on Me" is not a documentary about the real Joe Clark.

It is a fiction film about a character who is so troubled, obsessed and angry that the film is never able to say quite what it /5.

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