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Ink blot

A destructive giant monster made of paint and thinner accidentally created by Mickey Mousethe Shadow Blot long rampages Wastelandseeking a way to escape it and continue its terror in Mickey's world.

The Blot was initially a revamped version of the Phantom Blotbut Warren Spector intended on expanding the threat the Blot posed compared to his camera-stealing motivation in his original appearance. The character's name was changed when the crew deemed that their revamped Blot had become very far removed from the original and in keeping with the "familiar but strange" feeling of the use of some characters.

Prototypes of the Blot also included a version called the Storm Blotintended to be the result of the Blot and Oswald fused together.

An ink blot test is a personality test that involves the evaluation of a subject's response to ambiguous ink blots. This test was published in by Hermann Rorschach who was a psychiatrist from interpretation of people's responses to the Rorschach Inkblot Test was originally based on psychoanalytical theory but investigators have used it in an empirical fashion. blot - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. The first of the ten cards in the Rorschach test, with the occurrence of the most statistically frequent details indicated. The images themselves are only one component of the test, whose focus is the analysis of the perception of the images.

Physical appearance The Shadow Blot is an enormous, slime-like humanoid comprised of black, blue and purple shades of ink with glowing green eyes and mouth. When it appears in its full form, its appearance bears a strong resemblance to Chernabog from Fantasia.

Ink blot

Due to its accidental creation, the Blot is an insatiable force of nature craving to be complete and loved, and is willing to do whatever it needs to get what it wants. According to The Art of Epic Mickey, "If there's any character worse off than Oswald, it's The Blot, which was never given any shape at all or the love of an audience.

As a result it eternally craves these things. It's not evil by itself, but the Blot pursues these goals ruthlessly.

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Appearances Epic Mickey When visiting Yen Sid 's workshop and playing with magic paint, Mickey Mouse accidentally creates a monster and quickly tried to erase it using thinner.

Ever since that time, the Blot's presence remains in Wasteland through the various drippings that escaped the Jug, the largest of which become the Blot's eyes and ears in Wasteland. While Mickey travels through Wasteland to find rocket parts to get back home, the Shadow Blot built its army up to assault Oswald's Fortress on Mickeyjunk Mountain and open the Jug.

Mickey foiled the fake Blot on the mountain summit, but when Mickey confessed that he was the one responsible for causing the Thinner Disaster and creating the Blot, an enraged Oswald accidentally broke the Jug open, releasing the real Blot.

Ransoming the lives of Oswald and Gremlin Gus for Mickey's heart, the Blot then proceeded to begin absorbing all of Wasteland's paint with Bloticles attached to the ground and when he's done, destroy Mickey's world too. Mickey destroyed these connections and he and Oswald planned to attack him with the Moonliner rocket.

Absorbing the paint from the rocket and causing it to crash land in Dark Beauty CastleOswald came up with another plan to defeat the Blot--bombard it with fireworks, setting the stage for Mickey's final battle where he must activate the fireworks and eventually gets dragged inside the Blot to get his heart back by force.

After breaking his heart free, Mickey's heart is given back to him by Oswald and the Lucky Rabbit hits the button to launch the fireworks, destroying the Blot in a series of colorful explosions that also serve to send Mickey back home, as well as causing a rain of paint to fall over Wasteland, changing it back into the paradise that it once was.

The Blotlings seem to hate Mickey as he is the one that destroyed the Blot, leaving them homeless. The Blot makes a non-physical appearance as part of a diorama in the old train tunnels while Mickey and Oswald chase after Prescott. If you use your thinner just right on the south wall of the cinema in Epic Mickey 2, it will create the shape of his face.

In a Twitter conversation with a fan, Warren Spector confirmed that the Shadow Blot was originally meant to do Oswald's bidding. This was back when Oswald was the main antagonist. Concept art reveals the Blot was going to change into a dragon-like form at one point this dragon-like form is similar to that of the one Maleficent takes on in Sleeping Beauty.

No doubt a homage and or reference to that. Mickey and Oswald would be forced to overload Mickey's heart with Thinner taking out both the Blot and The Mad Doctor once and for all.

Ink blot

Gallery The Blot's scrapped dragon form The Blot cameo as part of the diorama in the old train tunnels.Two former college roommates running into each other on the sidewalk after years and having a brief awkward conversation.

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Background Development. The Shadow Blot was present in the earliest concepts for Epic Mickey as the force that brought Mickey into Blot was initially a revamped version of the Phantom Blot, but Warren Spector intended on expanding the threat the Blot posed compared to his camera-stealing motivation in his original character's name was changed when the crew deemed.

ink - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. The Ink Blot Test The inkblot test (also called the "Rorschach" test) is a method of psychological evaluation. Psychologists use this test in an attempt to examine the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of their patients.

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Ink blot test - Wikipedia