How to write a database project proposal

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How to write a database project proposal

I believe the status quo is a better state of affairs than significantly increasing the workload of reviewers. Yes, TFAs get vandalized, but they have far more eyes on them and get reverted almost immediately, whereas it's not unusual for me to see pages in the reviewer queue for over an hour.

I would oppose any default protection of a page, even especially TFA, per the protection policy and knowing how slow pending changes reviewing can be am even less in favor of this proposal. Pending changes won't stop good faith changes.

It will prevent readers from looking at vandalised articles. This is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit, no permission or approval required. If we don't hold to that principle on the most-viewed article on the site, what do we have? We can use existing anti-vandalism measures, including the BIL and rangeblocking, without violating this principle.

What Base Builders Users are Saying:

I don't suppose there's a way to have one of the anti-vandalism bots "pay more attention" to the featured article, so that obvious vandalism could be reverted instantaneously?

PCPP and any admin applying protection in such a manner against policy is at risk of being accused of abusing their tools. Want to alter the policy? Start an RFC for that.


Only in death does duty end talk If this RfC is in favour of preemptive protection, then certainly the policy would be amended to reflect that consensus; policies are merely written down consensuses, and just because the RfC doesn't explicitly mention amending the policy doesn't mean there has to be a separate RfC per WP: And I am Prussian But really, if as a result of this someone attempts to amend the protection policy to remove the 'do not pre-emptively use PC' which is what you appear to be suggesting it will be reverted within seconds.

While I understand the oppose rationale, it misses the spirit of the policy; protection policy says "Pending changes protection should not be used as a preemptive measure against violations that have not yet occurred.

Since all TFA articles are being routinely targeted while they are TFAit can safely be assumed that future TFAs will also be targeted unless protected just the same as if a single article has been recently repeatedly targeted, it can be assumed that it will be targeted again unless protected.

Common sense application of capabilities to block routine vandalism in an efficient way. Much as I like having busy beavers on TFAs, we should probably do something about the more disruptive ones.

I'd prefer semi-protection, but this would be better than the current situation. This is a reasonable measure to prevent vandalism while still allowing good-faith new contributors to edit.Item #: SCP Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: There is no means to contain SCP yet found that does not risk a potential ZK Reality Failure event and subsequent destruction of the observable universe.

(See: Containment Protocol ZKAlpha) Current procedures are limited to the absolute containment of information regarding SCP Looking for Request For Proposal (RFP) Templates?? If you want to know how to write a Request For Proposal or are looking for a simple RFP example with forms, checklists, and sample material, then download this RFP template and get started today.

Ideal for construction, information technology or government RFPs. How to Write a Research Paper.

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What is a research paper? A research paper is a piece of academic writing based on its author’s original research on a particular topic, and the analysis and interpretation of the research findings.

Goals and objectives form the most important part of a project proposal and one should pay great attention while framing them. Setting the goal is often the first step towards developing a proposal as it lays the foundation for the project.

Appendix A: How to Write an Effective Research Statement ***See Related Resources for additional guidance on writing an effective research statement, preparing literature searches and reviews, and developing a research proposal.***.

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how to write a database project proposal