Fishing rod hook set up

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Fishing rod hook set up

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There are different kinds of fishing rods on the market; different sizes, made of different materials for different purposes. But the terms you see above are common to all fishing rods. Fishing rods have guides and a way to attach a reel to it. An old fashioned fishing pole is made of cane, has no guides and the line is attached to the tip it has no reel.

The basic parts of a rod: This is at the bottom of the handle: Referred to as a Grip, as well. This is where you hold the rod; can be made of foam or cork. This is where your reel gets attached to the rod.

There are different mechanisms available to attach the reel. Some rods will have rings that go over the reel foot see the reel diagram below to see a reel foot.

Most rods have some sort of hood mechanism that screws either up or down on the foot of the reel to keep it in place.

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See the picture below: Also called a Keeper Ring. This little ring is a big convenience, as it gives you a place to hook your hook so you wont impale yourself when your on the move.

Fishing rod hook set up

This is the thick part of your rod that closest to the handle. If you have a rod that breaks down into 2 pieces or more, the ferrule is the joint where sections of the rod fit together. See below for a close up of what ferrules look like.

This is the guide closest to the handle end of your rod. These are the rings you see going all the way down the rod, they "guide" the line down the length of rod to the tip. The number, spacing, and size of the guides depend on the kind of rod you are using.

Fishing rod hook set up

But, generally speaking, the more guides the better. A higher quality rod will have at least one guide for every foot of its length i. Those windings are how the guides get and stay attached to the rod.

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See picture below for a close up.Bait Fishing for Stocked Rainbow Trout By Rodney Hsu, Fishing with Rod | Published in March British Columbia is well known for its salmon, steelhead and sturgeon fisheries, but they can be a tough challenge for people who have never fished before.

A great fishing tutorial that shows how to set up a basic rod. This casting rod video is presented by an English fisherman with great respect for his equipment.

It is a two section rod, with aligned rings. 41 Responses to “Which Rod and Reel Should I Buy? – Your First Fishing Rod & Reel” Tommy Says: September 18th, at am.

Very helpful mate, was slightly overwhelmed trying to shop for a rod . How to Set Up Fishing Gear for Kids You don’t need to buy expensive fishing gear for kids to start fishing. Even a simple setup can catch a ton of fish, according to fishing pro Tom Redington.

The bigger the hook the more force that is required to set the hook by pulling the barb into flesh.

The surest way of achieving the maximum hook-setting and barb burying power is to ensure that at the time the rod is swung back for the 'strike' everything in the system is tight to the hook.

Fishing Rod Holder with Automatic Tip-Up Hook Setter Fishing rod holder with spring loaded tip-up action sets your hook automatically Line trigger activates tip-up only when fish hits the hook - no misfires When I got to the river and set it up, it was very easy to set.

The required force to trip the springs IS adjustable. It's the same /5(86).

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