Dominant reading

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Dominant reading

Why do we read? Everyone reads because then they know more words. If reading didn'texist then that means that words don't exist. People who wrotebooks had to put words in it. The words make s…tories for otherpeople. Dominant reading read because it also helps us get in to better colleges.

Most of the colleges want the people who can read. If readingdidn't exist then that means nothing exist because in math,science, social studies and even when we speak we have to usewords.

Reading is very important in other peoples' lives. Readingis important to me because it helps me get better at everythingelse that has to do with reading. If there weren't any reading inthe whole world then the world would be blank. Reading is the mostimportant thing to do when there is nothing else to do.

Reading isjust like a movie or T.

Dominant reading

So if you want towatch T. We read becauseyou can read what you want to know about that you are urged tolearn about. It keeps you occupied when you are traveling or goingsomewhere. It expands your vocabulary. It improves your spelling. It helps you understand different ways of life.

It helps youunderstand different ideas. It helps you learn to communicate. Ithelps us find other people like ourselves. It can be fun to readnew stories and find out what happens. It expands your imagination. It helps you know what other people know, so that instead ofrepeating their mistakes and experiments, you can expand upon themand go farther as a community.

Reading can make one learn not onlylanguages but cultures. Reading can help you in a lot of things inthe world. English was a mandatory class,and when I left school I felt like my life was dependent on knowingwhat a dangling participle was.

That was 22 years ago and to thisday, not one person has asked me what one was, and not oneinterview for a job hinged on knowing. Schools teach absurd classesthat sometimes I think they WANT kids to drop out, and then theypass the rest to the next grade whether they're really ready ornot.

Going back to English classes for a second. Look at how manykids graduate, but they do it with the aptitude of a 4th grader. They graduate from the school system's assembly line way of"educating" kids and they hit the streets speaking "Ebonics". Reading helps to overcome the handicap that schools put on almostevery kid they push through the system.

Find out what they or you like, and let 'em read about it. They more they read, the morethey're educating themselves and they like it. Reading will help get 'em there, nodoubt.

With my whole 10 years worth of school, I'll certainly neverbe a brain surgeon, but I HAVE been offered several jobs justthrough conversations, because I read a lot, actually an amazingamount and I had all the right answers, and I learned how to givethat "wow factor" they wanted.

Of course once they found out I hadno college, they were still amazed, and it was all due to myreading It's paid off in many many ways.

I'm in no way saying a kidshould quit school, but IF they do, get them to read.

Dominant, Negotiated and Oppositional Readings

It could bethe best singular thing they'll ever do with their life! Take itfrom someone who's "been there, done that" and retired early. For instance learning and also for enjoyment.A resistant reading is an alternative reading that contradicts the dominant reading.

Think about the words resistant (the noun form of the verb to 'resist') and dominant (the noun form of the verb to dominate) and it will help you to retain the meanings of the terminology. A dominant reading also known as an invited reading, is the desired effect of the text such as an advertisement.

It is the most 'obvious' reading of . Readings: alternative, dominant, resistant, Required skills and knowledge: concept, Skills by mode: reading and writing, English Skills, Year 9, NSW Introduction While composers construct texts for particular audiences, with particular purposes, it is ultimately up to the reader as to the meaning of any given text.


This is why your teachers will . A resistant reading is a kind of alternative reading, in which the reader is conscious of the dominant reading but wants to challenge it. Feminist or post-colonial readings are common forms of resistant readings (Page ), where readers recognise the author’s intention but question its value.

Jan 27,  · Stuart Hall proposed that there are three ways of decoding the meaning of a message. Many media systems have become aware of their more politically active and aware audiences. If a message is decoded according to its dominant reading, the message is left unquestioned.

With a negotiated reading parts of the message are . A shared reading lesson that uses questions from Challenge the Text is a good way to lead up to reading against the grain.

Familiarize students with three ways of interpreting texts: Dominant readings are the most common and widely-accepted interpretations of a text.

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