Culturally sensitive counseling

Terdapat beberapa garis panduan etika yang telah diberikan oleh badan-badan profesional dalam bidang kaunseling dan psikoterapi namun kebanyakannya lebih merujuk kepada sesi kelompok berdasarkan budaya barat. Dleh itu penulis menumpukan aplikasi etika kepada pengendalian kelompok dalam masyarakat berbilang kaum di Malaysia. Antara topik berkaitan etika yang disentuh ialah keberkesanan kelompok, keperluan untuk mendidik masyarakat berbilang kaum di Malaysia tentang kaunseling, isu kerahsiaan, bias, penggunaan teknik dan alat kajian, kelayakan kaunselor dan halangan dari segi penggunaan bahasa.

Culturally sensitive counseling

A manual-based CBT was used with a gay Latino adolescent regarding his sexual identity, family values, and spiritual ideas.

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The adolescent suffered from a major depression disorder and identified himself as gay and Christian within a conservative and machista Puerto Rican family. CBT promoted personal acceptance and active questioning of homophobic thoughts in a climate of family respect.

Our group has adapted CBT for depression and psychosis in Pakistan for use with local clients. Initial evaluations have found that these therapies are effective. However, due to the financial restraints it would be useful if the investigators find that brief version of the CBT might be applicable and effective in non western cultures.

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Therefore in this study, the investigators will be testing effectiveness of brief version of culturally adapted CBT for depression in a randomized controlled trial RCT in Pakistan. The intervention was adapted from a cognitive behavioral model, considering cultural, developmental, and socioeconomic factors.

The adaptation was informed by a framework for ecological validity i.It seems impossible for counselors to avoid counseling clients who are culturally different from them.

Even in the United States, the estimated numbers of racial ethnic minorities will make up the majority of the US population by This paper suggests a non-normative, culturally sensitive model that concentrates on the strengths of the employees and the organization.

The model is based on a solution-focused framework that integrates cultural, organizational factors and intervention approaches. Since the publication of the previous editions, Counseling the Culturally Different: Theory and Practice has maintained its status as a classic in the field of multicultural counseling and therapy, become the most frequently cited text in the ethnic minority psychology field, and is now the standard reference for nearly all courses in minority mental health and treatment.

"Cultural competence is a lifelong project," she says, adding that competence with one group doesn't mean you're competent with another. "You have to keep finding ways to expand your learning." Rebecca A.

Culturally sensitive counseling

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