Concerns about development

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Concerns about development

Another framework that has implications for the practices of professional development acknowledges that learning brings change, and supporting people in change is critical for learning to "take hold. The model and other developmental models of its type holds that people considering and experiencing change evolve in the kinds of questions they ask and in their use of whatever the change is.

In general, early questions are more self-oriented: When these questions are resolved, questions emerge that are more task-oriented: How do I do it?

Concerns about development

How can I use these materials efficiently? How can I organize Concerns about development Finally, when self- and task concerns are largely resolved, the individual can focus on impact. Is this change working for students?

The concerns model identifies and provides ways to assess seven stages of concern, which are displayed in Table 3. These stages have major implications for professional development. First, they point out the importance of attending to where people are and addressing the questions they are asking when they are asking them.

Concerns about development

Often, we get to the how-to-do-it before addressing self-concerns. We want to focus on student learning before teachers are comfortable with the materials and strategies.

The kinds and content of professional- development opportunities can be informed by ongoing monitoring of the concerns of teachers. Second, this model suggests the importance of paying attention to implementation for several years, because it takes at least three years for early concerns to be resolved and later ones to emerge.

We know that teachers need to have their self-concerns addressed before they are ready to attend hands-on workshops.

We know that management concerns can last at least a year, especially when teachers are implementing a school year's worth of new curricula and also when new approaches to teaching require practice and each topic brings new surprises.

We also know that help over time is necessary to work the kinks out and then to reinforce good teaching once use of the new practice smoothes out. Finally, with all the demands on teachers, it is often the case that once their practice becomes routine, they never have the time and space to focus on whether and in what ways students are learning.

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This often requires some organizational priority setting, as well as stimulating interest and concern about specific student learning outcomes. We also know that everyone has concerns-for example, administrators, parents, policy makers, professional developers-and that acknowledging these concerns and addressing them are critical to progress in a reform effort.

Professional developers who know and use the concerns model design experiences for educators that are sensitive to the questions they are asking when they are asking them.

Learning experiences evolve over time, take place in different settings, rely on varying degrees of external expertise, and change with participant needs. Learning experiences for different role groups vary in who provides them, what information they share, and how they are asked to engage.

For instance, addressing parents' and policy makers' question "How will it affect me? The strength of the concerns model is in its reminder to pay attention to individuals and their various needs for information, assistance, and moral support.

Traditionally, those who provided professional development to teachers were considered to be trainers. Now, their roles have broadened immensely. Like teachers in science classrooms, they have to be facilitators, assessors, resource brokers, mediators of learning, designers, and coaches, in addition to being trainers when appropriate.

Practitioners of professional development, often teachers themselves, have a new and wider variety of practices to choose from in meeting the challenging learning needs of educators in today's science reform efforts.Developmental concerns include delays or abnormal patterns of development in the areas of communication/language, motor skills, problem-solving or social and adaptive behavior.

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