Childminding business plan

Most of the information in this website refers to Registered Childminders in England under the Ofsted regulations.

Childminding business plan

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Check with my local surgery about the cost Attend a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid training course It is a requirement of the early years register — EYFS Local early years — I should be given information about the course while doing my introduction to childminding course.

I might have to pay — I need to check Complete the pre-registration booklet from Ofsted E-book 56 from Knutsford ChildmindingPre-registration course Think about how I will keep children safe in my home — now is the time to consider if I need stair gates, fire guards, new fences in the garden etc It is a requirement of the EYFS and Ofsted that my home and garden are safe Local early years The EYFS will give me information about the requirements — www.

The DBS checks are back… my health check has been completed and signed off by Ofsted… my pre-registration course has finished… I should be well on the way to competing the required paperwork so I am ready to work with children such as - Required policies and procedures; Required documents used for the children Now is the time to plan for running my childminding business from my home.

What I need to do next… In order to legally run a childminding business from your home you need to do the following… Things to do….Strategic Summary Plan Our Vision Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) promotes childminding as a quality childcare service, through its Vision for developing their service to build a resilient business for the future.

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The Childcare Business Grants Scheme is open to newly registered early years childminders, childcare providers on domestic premises and Childminder Agencies (CMAs) in England. Sep 05,  · I need to write a business plan and haven't got a clue where to start!

childminding business plan

any suggestions? Please!

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help site for childminding and for those interested in becoming a registered childminder and for parents and childminder's to find help and information also busy childminding .

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