An introduction to the analysis of aphasia and artistic realization

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An introduction to the analysis of aphasia and artistic realization

Here we describe two patients with primary progressive aphasia PPA who produced neologistic jargon either in speech or writing. We suggest that involvement of the posterior superior temporal—inferior parietal region may lead to a disconnection between stored lexical representations and language output pathways leading to aberrant activation of phonemes in neologistic jargon.

Parietal lobe involvement is relatively unusual in PPA, perhaps accounting for the comparative rarity of jargon early in the course of these diseases. Jargon aphasia, Primary progressive aphasia, Dementia 1.

Introduction The production of incomprehensible language containing frequent phonemic distortions, semantic errors or neologisms secondary to neurological disease has been termed jargon aphasia or if writing is affected, jargon agraphia.

An introduction to the analysis of aphasia and artistic realization

The production of inappropriate language can be considered in the context of either normal propositional speech or writing, or in the production of single words in the context of naming tasks performed during neuropsychological assessment. Three types of jargon aphasia have been described [1,2]: Patients may have one or more of these types of jargon as part of the same disorder.

Analogously, jargon agraphia can comprise semantic jargon, phonological jargon phonologically-related misspelled words which can be either real words or nonwords and neologistic jargon [3—6].

Jargon aphasia and agraphia can occur in the same individual but they can also occur in the presence of normal output in the other language channel [4,7]. They are rarely described in the setting of neurodegenerative disease [8,9].

Here we describe two cases of neologistic jargon in primary progressive aphasia PPA [10—12]: For the previous two years she had also had increased difficulties with arithmetic, writing and spelling.

Over the same time period her comprehension of speech had also deteriorated. There had been no significant difficulties with episodic memory and she had never become lost.

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There were no behavioural symptoms or changes in appetite. There was no family history of dementia. When first assessed she had a fluent aphasia with circumlocutory speech. Repetition for single words was preserved but sentence repetition was impaired. There was bilateral limb apraxia.

The general neurological examination was normal. There was also evidence of executive dysfunction. In addition, abstruse neologisms emerged in her spontaneous speech and she produced neologistic jargon on a simple naming task and when reading see Table 1.This investigation examined the use of six explicitly defined verbal self-correction behaviors by fluent and nonfluent aphasic subjects of high and low verbal ability, and by subjects further classified into six groups according to type of aphasia (Broca's, Anomic, Wernicke's etc.).

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Neologistic jargon aphasia and agraphia in primary progressive aphasia