A view from the bridge by cherokee mcdonald

McDonald uses very detailed descriptions of this account and in turn realizes that beauty is too often overlooked in everyday life.

A view from the bridge by cherokee mcdonald

In Oklahoma Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Ada - Kalihoma Indian Reservation - Around 1: Traveling west on this road heading towards highway 1, if you speed up, it will speed up, if you slow down, it will slow down. As you turn onto highway 1, the car will stop, and then turn back to Kalihoma Indian Reservation.

Ada - Kullihoma - East of Ada, on the Chickasaw Nation land named Kullihoma, one can see bouncing balls of bright lights floating around.

These balls of light are actually little people. These little people are helpers, about two or three feet tall and would usually be seen by young Indian children if they were called to help these little fellows.

They never die even when the children grow oldthey simply seek out another person to train to doctor or just be obnoxious to anyone around! Alva - Cherokee Strip Museum - It was once a hospital.

All of the rooms on the second and third floors have been bricked up, save for the surgery, on the second floor. Several people have seen something in that room from outside the museum at night, and there have been several accounts of people breaking in at night and seeing something.

Ada - Petrified Tree - It is said that many years ago, a group of members of an occult would meet here and sacrifice animals and humans. Late at night, it is still said that you can hear odd sounds, and see abnormal lights and shadowy figures. People claim to have seen a Native American man jumping off the bridge, or have seen blood dripping on their windshield as they drive over the bridge, or dead animals hanging from trees overhanging the bridge that are not there when they stop to cut them down.

A team of investigators began taking pictures over the bridge when suddenly, while they were reloading the film, a flash came out from under the bridge as if something was mimicking their camera flash. It came under both sides and it was gone as soon as it happened. Then they drove forward about 15 feet and got out to see a bright ball of white light floating towards us, almost like a flashlight going on and off zigzagging through the trees.

It kept coming closer to them and they took pictures of it. They claim that came out quite nicely. Legend Has it that if you go to this bridge and stand at the edge of it you can hear the babies crying.

Anadarko - Riverside Indian School- This is a year-old Native American school; there have been reports from students and staff about hearing and seeing strange things within the school and dorms. Ardmore - Lake Murray - A lady walking on the side of the road wearing a yellow dress.

After you pass her she disappears. Apples cemetery - it is said that if you go to the cemetery and find the headstone marked Mr. Apple and you walk around it 3 times saying Mr. Orbs are visible in pictures. Footsteps, voices, knocking on walls are an everyday occurrence.

A headless woman appeared on Memorial Day, Thought to be that of young woman murdered and burned about 50yrs.From cotton candy tacos to a deep fried shepherd's pie, 10 culinary creations will take center stage at the State Fair of Texas this year.

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A view from the bridge by cherokee mcdonald

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