A review of the sci fi and technological thriller congo by michael crichton

There was a problem adding your email address. Because this expedition, led by Karen Ross of Earth Resources Technology Services ERTS in Houston, is the nth degree in hi-tech--portable computers, laser-beam navigation, satellite TV-hookup with Houston--and the juxtaposition of super-gadgetry with nature at its wildest is simply splendid. Furthermore, since a previous ERTS trek to Zinj was decimated by gorilla-like creatures according to videotape analysisprimate expert Peter Elliot is along; and with him is adorable gorilla Amy--who understands English and is fluent in sign language. The Zinj diamonds are the raw material for computer-chips that will revolutionize everything.

A review of the sci fi and technological thriller congo by michael crichton

Reading books and watching movies about big apes helps me reconnect with those experiences I will always hold dear to me. When I first saw the preview for the movie, Congoit was a no-brainer that I would be seeing it as soon as it came out.

Anyone who may have seen the original advertisements for the movie may remember that the 1st preview centered on character, Charles Travis, played by fan-favorite actor, Bruce Campbell.

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But, if you saw Congothen you'll know that he was only in the film for about 5 minutes or less! I rushed out to see the 1st showing on the 1st day of the film release with my best friend, Doug, at the time. Before I read the book. I knew it was gonna have a Jurassic Park sorta cheeziness to it but I was looking forward to that and otherwise not really knowing what else to expect.

The acting was a mixed bag of fine performances like Laura Linney and Dylan Walsh, along with some of the worst acting since the very dawn of time. Tim Curryan actor I've loved since watching his iconic legendary performance as Dr.

As Herkermer Homolka, his Russian accent defies logic as to why they would even keep the cameras rolling after his first line, Which, to me, sounded like he got his tongue stuck in his throat. Though, by this point, I wouldn't trade him in for the world though his is the worst accent I've ever heard!

As my buddy Doug and I watched the film we kept sinking lower and lower and lower into our seats until we were, seriously, nearly sitting on the floor.

A review of the sci fi and technological thriller congo by michael crichton

Throughout all the impossibilities that could only happen in an 80's movie, we burst out laughing in places where we weren't supposed to dozens of times! By the end of the movie, as we were walking out, I said in my best Amy voice - the pet gorilla who had the female equivalent of a Stephen Hawking -like computer voicebox - "Bad movie, Amy, Bad movie.

Just so you know, I've watched the film a few times since and it gets better every time.

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It's a real hoot! But, back to the book. In case it surprises anybody, I don't think Michael Crichton wrote this one just so it would turn out to be a mega-million-buck movie. And though it's a tech-thriller, it's also a throwback to the pulp adventure-style books going on for over a century now.

Most notably, King Solomon's Mines: It's been updated, everything moves faster, there's better equipment, and everybody's more sarcastic and cynical than ever before. I enjoyed this novel. I'm pretty sure everybody has an idea what it's about so why go into it. It was a good book. Here's one where you would want Michael Crichton to use his time machine from Timeline so he could fast forward to the future and take notes of the formula that worked so well in books he wrote later and were more successful.

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Jurassic Park had a great abundance of dinosaurs in it. Too bad he couldn't have used that same formula here! It is a well written, nicely plotted book, with good characters, a great premise, action-packed, and mostly a lot of fun.

It was just missing one thing for me: I hope you pick a good one.Congo, by Michael Crichton, depicts the race between two rival companies for blue diamonds in King Solomon's Mines. The last ETC team that went into the Congo were killed by gray gorilla.

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Eager to prove herself, Karen Ross, travels into the Congo to excavate the mines/5(). Nov 27,  · Michael Crichton is a master of taking complicated subjects and easing the reader into them while at the same time making the characters seem well immersed in the details.

Airframe is a novel about airplanes, and specifically an investigation into a plane accident by the plane's manufacturer/5. We spotlight Michael Crichton's book Congo at The Official Site of Michael Crichton.

Entertainer-educator Crichton, that clever devil, has done it again—by dressing up one of the oldest book/movie scenarios around with enough capsulized science, history, and geography to keep readers happily on their toes.

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